About Us


YWNR was founded by Mike Hodson & Lori Stevens on the premise that everyone has an obligation to experience the world outside your own.

As experienced travelers for work and play, the two longtime friends who met in Washington DC in 1990 decided to launch a company that celebrates the unique aspects of international travel and the opportunities for adventure that may intimidate at first — but become an unforgettable part of every travel experience.

YWNR Founder & UTC Creator Mike Hodson’s story is detailed at his travel blog GoSeeWrite.com. His initial efforts began as his website and blog, Mobile Lawyer, when scores of early travel enthusiasts were introduced to his optimistic back story, personal mission and travel misadventures dating back to his first round-the-world expedition in 2008. While mastering his not-so-novice photography skills abroad, he has evolved to delight thousands of new loyal readers every month with his visually stunning photos and funny, quirky observations from the road less travelled.

 Co-founder Lori Stevens has enjoyed multiple periods of extended international travel, which also includes food and wine writing in a stint as the food editor for a global women’s wine magazine. While Lori’s role at YWNR is primarily behind-the-scenes logistics and operations, she relishes any opportunity to explore new corners of the world with her husband and friends. She and her husband will be spending  2013 on a country-country trek emphasizing Africa, Europe and the UK.

Experiencing the gifts of travel and foreign culture are never more enjoyable than when it is part of a personal adventure. But when the devil is in the details — Your World No Rules handles that part for you!

We are thoughtful, organized, thorough and resourceful. We provide best-of-breed partners, resources, and fun, unique challenges in a myriad of destinations to suit all tastes.

Your World No Rules is your ultimate challenge-travel partner!

Our premiere 2013 event takes place looking out the window of a train, but more events that include overland excursions in some tight quarters and even scavenging a country’s nooks & crannies for clues and mini-challenges will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more details on those events!

Who’s ready for the challenge?

Starting May of 2013!