Lend a Hand for UTC13

We’d love your help to spread the word about the Ultimate Train Challenge coming up in May. We know this event will encourage people get over their fears and take a career break and experience the world first hand.

Below are a set of different ways to share the information with your friends, readers, followers, fans, etc. By telling people you know we can spread the word about this adventure to others who dream of riding the rails between Asia and Europe.

Thanks for your all your help.
Michael Hodson and Lori Minnich, Founders YWNR

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The Ultimate Train Challenge is an adventure of a lifetime — plus, they have over $6,000 worth of great prizes to contend for. Take a look: http://yourworldnorules.com/ultimate-train-challenge/info-rules/utc-sign-up-benefits/

You can go through life doing what’s expected of you and what you think you ‘should’ be doing.  Do something different. Challenge yourself. http://yourworldnorules.com/ultimate-train-challenge/