Half the fun of an adventure is planning it!

What route will you take?… Where will you stop?… What are your options and what do YOU want to do?

There are plenty of tour operators & guided trips for the logistically-challenged, but Your World No Rules is a different kind of company. This is your world, so its YOUR adventure.

We aren’t fans of pre-programmed agendas – they mean “rules.” So you are in complete control of how you spend your own time – and money. Go budget – or max out every card in your wallet – whatever you want to do. We’ll provide you direction, a ton of ideas & resources, and the know-how to pull it together when you need a hand, but in the end, its all up to you.

Proper planning is critical for a journey chock full of positive memories and experiences. To that end, YWNR has compiled a number of helpful train & travel resources to get you started on the Ultimate Train Challenge…

This section is broken out into three main areas. Each one is linked to the appropriate web page, so check them all out and email us if you have any questions (

I.   Getting Started – The “Musts”

II.  Trains & Lodging – Resources by Country

III. Visa Requirements  – by Country

So many choices!

So many choices!