What Do I Get For My Money?

When someone is thinking about signing up for something like this, of course they are going to wonder what they get for their entry fee. We appreciate that, so here you go…

eurail train passesFEE DETAILS

Here is our pricing structure (not including the Charitable contribution minimum of $500 US [approx £309 /  €380] which goes 100% directly to the Official Charity):

  • Register by February 15th pay $295 US (approx £183 /  €223.)
  • Register from February 16th to April 30th*: pay $395 US  (approx £245 / €298.)

*Time gets really tight as April approaches… Please verify you have a valid passport & adequate visas  for your itinerary in a crunch. Russia may be a problem to qualify for travel if you are just starting arrangements, so make that your first priority before booking anything else.*

Looking forward to seeing all that rail progress in May!

What Do You Get for Your Entry Fee?

First things first, of course you could do this on your own. The first year, three of us did it up, all on our own, and it was a blast. So, while we acknowledge you can get out in the world and experience much via some great overland travel options (and encourage you to do so), we hope you will consider taking part of our group endeavor.

May of 2013 is close enough to taste the excitement and far enough you’ve still got time to make your plans…

Participating in UTC13 allows you the opportunity to meet fellow travel adventurists. We will be throwing both “Meet Your Fellow Passengers” and “It’s a Wrap” pre-&-post-UTC13 parties in both Lisbon and Saigon before and after the challenge. You are going to have a chance to hang out and possibly travel with some fellow contestants you are quite likely to bond with quickly.

NOTE: Even non-Participants and your supporters are invited to the post-parties. More information on those events is provided in the Participant Welcome Kit.

Second, you are eligible for our great prizes from our terrific Sponsors Eurail & Intrepid Travel. Though we know winning your investment back isn’t really the point, any of the following prizes has the potential!

  • Intrepid Travel is contributing two of its unique travel packages, one to each winner in each direction. The first person to the finish line in Lisbon will get the 15-day Morocco experience (value over $1,900), and the first person to the finish line in Saigon will get the 15-day Bangkok to Hanoi tour (value over $1,600).
  • Eurail.com has donated 10-day Global Passes (value over $750 each) that we will be raffling on March 1st, for those people who have entered & paid their fees by then. Everyone will have an equal chance to win those passes, which are a necessary lifesaver on this journey.
  • Eurail.com has also agreed to donate two more of their 10-day Global Passes to two other fun contests along the way. One will go to the Best Photo on or of a Train, and the other will go to the Best Video created on the trip. Both prizes will be voted on by fans and followers of this website and Eurail.com, so you can have family and friends out there leading the charge for you to bring home those valuable prizes!

ThirdUrban Adventures runs some great day tours all around the world. They have two opportunities they have made available only to UTC13 participants:

  1.  15% off any of their Urban Adventure tours to any participant and
  2.  “Buy 5, get 1 free” discount for individual multiple city tours over the course of time, or 6 participants at the same time within one city.

Both offers are valid through the end of September, 2013, so you have time to use them even after the challenge is over.

Fourth, you can blog your trip on our website (and yours!) to keep family and friends up to date with your journey. Our real-time mapping feature will let people know where you are… and also keep track of the competition.

Fifth, you are going to have a chance to make a difference in the world. We have teamed up with Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation as our official charity for UTC13. We are asking each participate to raise $500 for that charity, which has established several unique programs that address issues keeping children and families in the poverty cycle. Our generous friends at Intrepid Travel have been kind enough to agree to match each contribution dollar for dollar, up to $10,000!

Finally, did we mention the great pre-and-post-UTC13 parties? YWNR can’t wait to meet everyone in person, have a few drinks and swap travel stories with you.

Plus, we have a couple more potential sponsors and other incentive partners we are working with to offer even greater possible rewards during your excursion.

So what are you waiting for??  Time to sign up…!

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